Here, in wonderful Colorado, we all love to spend time outdoors and in our backyards. Adding a custom shed to your backyard to assist in the functionality of your outdoor space is a must. Our custom sheds can be tailored to your specific needs, including custom interiors, siding material, paint color, and shingle color to match your home. As a Colorado custom home builder with over three decades of experience, we have mastered all of the necessary skills needed to construct strong and intentional custom homes. Our amazing team of home experts are proud to adapt their expertise to provide remarkable custom sheds to complete your backyard. Building a custom shed rather than a addition can serve as a more economic alternative for an additional office or space to work in. With our vast expertise crafting custom home additions across Colorado’s front range, we are confident that no matter where you live, we can provide you with the perfect shed, suitable for any of your needs. From the mountains in Steamboat to the plains stretching across Falcon, we are proud to serve you and our great state of Colorado.


Custom Sheds

Custom Sheds can be more than just a backyard tool shed.  At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, our custom sheds are crafted to ensure that they add value to your home and life. Whether you are looking to increase square footage through an outdoor office or studio or with additional storage, then there are options to create and define the space to suit your needs. These custom sheds can be fully customized and interior elements can also be added to make them feel like an addition to your home. 

Sizes Of Custom Sheds

Other Uses for Custom Sheds

General Contractor Services

Does your home require a general contractor service that does not fall in our typical scope of home additions, sheds, or remodels? Craftsman Homes & Interiors is proud to offer general contractor services. With our expertise in crafting custom homes and additions we additionally offer the following services:


Craftsman Homes & Interiors is centered on integrity and craftsmanship. Our team of contractors is dedicated to building custom homes, sheds, and additions that are built to last. Craftsmanship is one of the three pillars we built our business on and requires us to build with integrity, quality materials, and the latest and greatest techniques. At Craftsman Homes & Interiors you will receive an honest and straightforward assessment allowing you to save time and stress. 


A custom shed will fulfill your needs while increasing the usability and value of your property. Whether you will be using your shed as your dedicated home office or as a storage unit, at Craftsman Homes & Interiors, we take pride in ensuring that your custom shed is solid and will stand the test of time. Our team of experienced contractors is committed to a partnership with you that is rooted in integrity. If you are outgrowing your home and ready to expand, need more storage, or want an additional living space, then contact our knowledgeable team today to discover how we may help execute the custom shed of your dreams.