Your home is one of the greatest investments you will ever make; not only in terms of finances, but in the memories you create as your family grows, learns, and thrives in your home. Sentimental value compounded with the comforts of your neighborhood schools, commute, and community adds up to many beautiful reasons to maintain your current home as your lifelong home. If it is time for your home to grow in order to satisfy your family’s needs or to add value to your property, then a home addition is the perfect solution. 


As a custom home builder in Colorado with over three decades of experience, we have mastered all of the necessary skills needed to construct strong and intentional custom homes. Our team of experts proudly adapts our custom home expertise to provide remarkable custom additions to your current home. Home additions can provide an economic alternative to a new home while maintaining the lifestyle your family has cultivated in your current space. 


With vast expertise crafting custom home additions across Colorado’s front range, we are confident that no matter where you live, we can provide you with the perfect home addition to suit your needs and enhance your investment. From the mountains in Breckenridge to the plains stretching across Pueblo we are proud to serve you and our great state of Colorado.


Home Additions

When crafted intentionally, a home addition should act as a seamless extension of your home. At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, our home additions are crafted after immense planning to ensure the custom addition adds value to your home. Whether you are looking to increase square footage through a second story addition or with an additional room, then there are options to create and define the space to suit your needs.

Types of Home Additions

General Contractor Services

If your home requires a general contractor service that does not fall in the typical scope of home additions or remodels, then Craftsman Homes & Interiors is proud to offer general contractor services. Utilizing our years of experience crafting custom homes and additions we additionally offer the following services:


Craftsman Homes & Interiors was created by general contractors with decades of experience focusing on quality craftsmanship and integrity. When investing in a home addition or any general construction service, the confidence of partnering with an experienced, trustworthy team is key. Our values of craftsmanship, integrity, and continued education are the cornerstones of every decision we make, and our commitment to you


A home addition should fulfill your needs while increasing the value of your home. At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, we take pride in ensuring that your home addition is constructed to look as if it has always been part of your home. Our team of experienced contractors understands the seriousness of undertaking a home addition project, so we are committed to a partnership with you that is rooted in integrity. If you are outgrowing your home and ready to expand, then contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more about how we may help execute the home addition of your dreams.