At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, we are proud to invest over 30 years mastering every craft required to build beautiful, intentional custom homes across Colorado. As a design-build contractor, Craftsman Homes & Interiors serves families just like yours to design a stunning home that is built with elevated craftsmanship. Whether your custom home is designed for your specific needs or one of our floor plans encompasses all you need to thrive, our experienced professionals are here to build your forever home. For the past three decades, we have served Colorado’s Front Range spanning from Breckenridge and Fairplay, all the way to Pueblo and Canon City. We are beyond proud to serve our great Colorado community and deliver our superior craftsmanship with every custom home we build.



At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, the custom home building process begins with the design and discovery stage. Our team of qualified designers will meet with you to discuss what you desire in a custom home. Custom homes are designed to be life-proof and grow with you as your family and goals grow. When you connect with our approachable team, we will take the time to thoroughly understand your vision and how we can tailor every inch of your custom home to fit your lifestyle. Our mission is to ensure that by the time you leave the initial consultation, you will feel confident that we are your partner who truly understands your needs and your dreams, so that we can bring your custom home to life.

Once your initial consultation is complete and both parties are satisfied with the parameters of the project, it is time to connect with an architect or sift through pre-existing floor plans. In the case that you have already connected with a third-party architect, then we will connect to conceive the home of your dreams. During this phase of the custom home building process, the vision of your future home will begin to become a reality. 

Once the style of your custom home is selected and the details are sketched out, a detailed budget meeting will take place to discuss your options. Our team is well-versed in the options available when trying to meet your budget, so this is the perfect opportunity to determine the design options that are necessary to achieve your custom home goals.


In order to keep your project on track in regards to schedule and budget, the second phase of the custom home building process focuses on planning and preparation. Once adjustments are made to the final design, the budget finalization will occur. Our team will work to pull the necessary construction permits to ensure there are not any snags in the construction process. Throughout these details, we strongly value transparency between our team, our partners, and our clients in order to keep the custom home build construction process running efficiently in order to protect your investment.


Our experienced professionals at Craftsman Homes & Interiors will begin building your custom home in this final step of construction and finalization, where we will construct your home from the foundation to the roof ensuring that every piece is crafted with intentional care. As a design-build contractor, we orchestrate every step of your custom home building process ensuring that we have the utmost quality during every stage of the construction.

Once your home is complete, we will finish with a final walk through together, exploring the grandiose reality that is yours. Every aspect of your home will be carefully inspected, acquiring approval of the home’s integrity.

Once you turn the key to your forever home, embrace a final sigh of relief and joy knowing that the work involved in planning, preparing, and building your custom home resulted in a place for growth, warmth, and security. 


The mission behind craftsmanship defines all that we do. With unprecedented levels of dedication to every craft necessary to build elevated custom homes, our projects mirror the passion we pour into all we do. We believe in designing homes that fulfill desires and exceed expectations. Our superior custom homes are built all across Colorado showcasing our skills and expertise while embodying the personal touches that all homeowners deserve.


Our greatest asset is craftsmanship that enables our ability to build superior custom homes in Colorado. With integrity as a pillar of our framework, we are committed to you and the development of a transparent partnership with you as we design and build your custom home in Colorado. Give us a call to discuss how we may work together to build your forever home.