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Custom Home Builder in Colorado

From the initial design of your home to the day you turn the key for the first time, Craftsman Homes & Interiors is here to assist you. Our expertise and experience are unprecedented and provide you with an advantage of a long term relationship as well as a well-crafted home. Our team of expert builders has dedicated 30 years to learning the trades of home building and, throughout our years, we have answered many questions. We compiled the following frequently asked questions that we hope will assist you throughout any stage of the home building process. 

Craftsman Homes & Interiors FAQ

Craftsman Homes & Interiors has been the top choice for Colorado residents for over 30 years, building superior custom homes all around Colorado. Our team of builders has dedicated this time to learning every portion of the home building process in order to provide homes built with craftsmanship, integrity, and continued education. At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, you will not be hiring a builder that you will never see again. Rather, you will be hiring a highly skilled team that is dedicated to making sure your home is perfect. We will constantly communicate with you regarding your project and its progress, as well as assist you along the way. 

Utilizing our experience in building well-crafted homes and our craftsmanship skills, we provide the following services: 

  1. Custom Homes
  2. Home Additions
  3. Custom Sheds
  4. Custom Remodels 

No matter your circumstances, we do believe that your home should grow and evolve as you do. As your family grows, you may need to add square footage to your home with an addition, or a custom shed office sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of your busy home. Whatever it may be, we’re here to craft you a space that suits your lifestyle.

The number one question you can ask a prospective home builder is “What sets you apart as a custom home builder?” This will give you a quick snapshot of how this builder runs their business and what they care about. A custom home builder that is honest and has integrity will have a clear answer to this question. At the end of the day, it is important that you are happy and feel secure with your new custom home and this begins with an honest company building it. To learn more visit Questions To Ask A Home Builder!

Asking your home builder how long they have been building can give you a sense of their experience. For us, this question is both common and a breeze. We have been building custom homes all across Colorado for over 30 years. Because of our extensive background and dedication to continued education in these 30 years, Craftsman Homes & Interiors has mastered every trade required to build a custom home. From concrete work to roofing we are masters at it all and know how to build homes that are made to last. 

Craftsman Homes & Interiors builds custom home sheds and additions all across Colorado. We have served almost every corner of our beautiful state. The rolling hills, the Rocky Mountains, and even the bustling cities are all homes to our well-crafted creations. If you are looking for a custom home anywhere in the Centennial State, reach out to our team, and let’s build your dream home.

We build completely custom homes designed to fit your exact needs and specifications. Therefore, we build any and all size homes based on your needs, wants, and budget.

Construction insurance, also known as builder’s risk insurance, is a specialized type of property insurance that protects against damage to buildings while they are being constructed. In other words, this is a type of insurance that makes sure you and the builder are protected in case anything goes wrong on the job site. Typically, a builder will hold a separate insurance policy in addition to this that ensures their employees and products in case of an unexpected event.

Our Craftsman Homes & Interiors would love the opportunity to meet with you and evaluate your property. During this time, our team will evaluate the property’s value, as well as how much it will cost to build a custom home based on the lots available utilities. We can then meet with you and begin the custom home building process.

At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, we believe in quality craftsmanship and integrity. Since these two are one of our three main pillars as a company, we would be remiss to not guarantee our homes. Although this is an uncommon issue because we take the utmost care and respect every trade, ensuring your home is built strong and will stand the test of time.

We can connect you with one of our preferred real estate agents, who is experienced in finding plots of land that suit your needs, as well as make the home building process easier.

Craftsman Homes & Interiors believes in protecting the environment while still providing you with a new and beautiful home filled with all of the amenities. We do this by choosing to work with suppliers that source their materials without compromising the materials strength and/or lifespan.

The best way to know that your home will be built with quality and integrity is to visit ours About Us page. Here, you will find the three pillars of Craftsman Homes & Interior. These are Integrity, Craftsmanship, and Education. Integrity is the basis of how we build relationships. We build a strong foundation for relationships through direct communication and complete transparency throughout the home building process. As far as quality is concerned, craftsmanship is the core of our company and the core of what we do. This is the reason that Craftsman is our name because we value well-crafted products, as well as continuous learning and respect for each and every trade required to build a custom home.

In the past, we have built the following homes. However, we are not limited to these styles and we have the skills to build any style home. 

  • Craftsman Style Homes 
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Farm Style Homes 
  • Modern Homes
  • Contemporary Homes

To learn more visit Types of Houses. 

The short answer is yes. However, you will need to be supervised by a Craftsman Homes & Interiors employee. Construction sites can be dangerous and have many unknowns to an outsider, so visiting during construction hours will be uncommon but not impossible.

If you are ready to start the custom home building process and building the home of your dreams contact us today!

The Home Building Process FAQ

Not necessarily. In fact, for those that are unsure of the size or type of home, it is better to meet with us and our architect to design your home so that you can understand the lot size you will need. After meeting with the architect, you can then meet with a real estate agent and find the perfect plot of land to build on.


Because integrity is one of the main pillars of Craftsman Homes & Interiors, we believe that an open line of communication is critical to maintaining a lasting relationship with you. Therefore, we will regularly update you throughout the process, as well as ensure that you are notified in the event of any timeline changes or delays. It is our belief that this open line not only builds relationships but also eases your nerves throughout the process.

No, you will not need to hire an architect because we work with one directly throughout the entire home building process. During your initial meeting, you will sit down with us and the architect and draw up a plan based on your needs, wants, and budget.

Unfortunately, this is not a question that has a direct answer. This is mainly due to the wide variety of factors that play into the timing of your home’s completion like, type of home, location, amenities included in the home, availability of materials, etc.

Similar to buying a car, we believe that considering the gravity of building a home and the financial commitment, it is important to explore your options. Meet with multiple home builders to understand their process, ask lots of questions, request to see old project pictures, and so on. These will all give you a better feeling of which companies will have you and your home’s best interest in mind.

Of course, we can! Craftsman Homes & Interiors builds all homes from scratch, so if you have a floor plan you prefer we can examine it and go from there.

To begin you will need to purchase land for your custom home to be built on. The best way to determine which loan to uses is to get in contact with a mortgage broker or lender that specializes in construction loans. Typically you will need to obtain a construction-to-permanent loan prior to building. Essentially, you will get a loan that pre-approves you to build a home at a specific dollar amount. After the home is finished, you will then work with the mortgage broker or lender to transform that loan into a normal home loan.

The best way to obtain a land loan is to get in contact with a mortgage broker or lender. They will be able to help you determine what loan is needed for the purchase of land and even for a home building project.

You will begin conventional homeowners insurance when the home is finished and you move in. During the building process, you will need to have construction insurance. See above for more on construction insurance.

This depends on your current situation. If you plan to move straight from your old home into your new home, you will have to wait until the home is inspected and safe to live in. If you have made other arrangements, we suggest selling your home close to the end of the project to minimize your time without a home.

Here in Colorado, we have diverse terrain. Deep in the Rocky Mountains, in places like Steamboat, there are many things to consider that can slow or even stop construction. However, in the bustling city of Denver, regulations, and permits can change the timeline. To learn more visit Things to look for when buying land to build a house in Colorado. A good builder will warn you of possible mishaps based on your location and home. They will also communicate with you regularly regarding the status of your home.

For any additional information, we encourage you to surf through our website, as well as check out our blog, which is updated regularly with answers to these questions and many more. Our reviews can be found on Google and Facebook.


Craftsman Homes & Interiors is located in Monument Colorado. We have served the greater Colorado Springs, and western Colorado region for over 30 years and we are proud to apply our skills to a plethora of other custom builds throughout our great state. No matter what your project is or your needs, we are happy to work with you offering the perfect service including renovations and home additions throughout Colorado. At Craftsman Homes & Interiors or mission is to serve you in your desired community, from the rolling hills of western Colorado to the cornfields in the east, we want to serve all Coloradans. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or if your questions were not fully answered above.