Custom Home

Building Timeline


When we work with clients to begin building their future forever home, they are often surprised by how long and intensive the process is. Building a home in Colorado Springs or any other stunning location in Southern Colorado requires a massive amount of time, collaboration, and labor. To assist in the understanding of the process, we have outlined our eight stages of crafting custom homes.

Stage 1: Obtaining Land

Colorado is a gorgeous state and finding the perfect plot of land is the first step to your beautiful custom home. Once you have acquired the land itself, it is time to move on to applying for the necessary permits. Each state has different laws. For Colorado, all you need to begin is a general building permit. This comes before any additional and more specialized permits can be obtained.

Stage 2: Designing The Home

Now that you have all the paperwork sorted for the permits and the land, it is time to move on to the designing process. This is the most exciting part of new builds for prospective homeowners. Go wild with your home building plans. Include every single detail you want in your forever home. From here, you can add and remove any features as necessary. Once you and the architect finalize the plans, we can start construction.

Stage 3: Creating The Structure

With your custom home in Colorado now complete on paper, it starts to take form in real life. At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, we implement the three F’s at this stage: footings, foundation, and framing. These important aspects keep the home stable and provide support for additional components like drywall and plumbing. When all the parts are ready, they are inspected for quality. From here, the home will start receiving its “insides.”

Stage 4: Adding Utilities

Now the bare-frame is filled with the crucial pieces that regulate the comfort of our daily lives including HVAC, plumbing, electricity, insulation, and more. These critical components make up the unseen wires, ducts, and pipes in your walls that help regulate temperature and provide running water.

Stage 5: Interior Finishes

With all the necessary inner-workings installed, our team of contractors can move on to the final touches such as drywall, windows, and flooring. It is at this point that the once empty building begins to resemble a livable home. The first whispers of personalization can be seen in the selection of paint and flooring types.

Stage 6: Installing Fixtures, Appliances & Smart Home Additions

Moving on from the essentials, the structure is then fitted with recognizable features that add modern convenience to a house. Think of things like light fixtures, outlets, faucets, appliances, and other aspects that add personality and comfort to a home. As the last step of the construction process is finished, all little details that bring a house from generic to personalized are installed.

Stage 7: Final Inspection & Walk-Through

At long last, it is time for the reveal and walk-through. You get to see every single customized detail for yourself. As you go through the house, note any concerns or questions that arise. This will help our team generate a list of any necessary repairs, replacements, or modifications to be made before the inspection. Once you are satisfied with all the details, an inspector goes through to ensure safety and quality.

Stage 8: Closing On Your New Home

Your forever home is officially complete at this stage! All that is left to do is a follow-up with the relevant documents and important paperwork. This could include things like getting a homeowners insurance policy, signing the mortgage papers, and resolving the closing and settling costs.


As custom home builders in Colorado, Craftsman Homes & Interiors loves seeing each project come to life. Because we specialize in personalized and custom home plans, each job is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and skills as home building contractors. Do you have questions about the construction process or want to know where to start with your dream home? We provide educational and practical resources for prospective home builders. Contact us today and we will gladly help you through an entire project from start to finish.