Things To Look For When Buying Land to Build a House In Colorado

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As a custom home builder in Colorado Springs, Craftsman Homes & Interiors believes in providing its clients with quality built homes that are uniquely designed for those we serve. With years of experience building across this beautiful state, we have a deep understanding of Colorado’s diverse land and terrain when it comes to building a home. We compiled a few of the things we look for when buying land to build a custom home.

Utilities & Communications

When looking to buy land to build a home in Colorado, it is important to take note of any existing utilities that may be established on the property. When buying land with utilities, it may feature the following options that may ultimately lessen the building cost of your investment or significantly increase your hidden costs if the established utilities will not satisfy the needs of your custom home.

  • Water
  • Sewer & Septic Systems
  • Electricity
  • Cable & Satellite

These factors can be quite costly if they do not already exist on the site you are planning to build a home on or if the established utilities need to be extended to fit your needs. When buying land with utilities in Colorado, it is important to note that water quality can vary based on location, depending on well or municipal water accessibility. Additionally, accessibility of power and sewer lines in the outskirts of mountain areas like Breckenridge or Durango can sometimes be scarce. If you are looking to build a custom home mountain home on a rural or remote piece of land, then it is integral to research the area to ensure the utility lines are available on the site or if they can be extended from the municipality in order to satisfy your livability needs while keeping your investment cost down. In more remote areas it is also important to connect with your telephone service provider, high-speed internet provider, and more to confirm that your everyday utilities will be met at the site you are planning to build your forever home. Alternatively, if the land for your dream home is located in one of Colorado’s many bustling cities, then the land is more likely to have established standard utilities.

Property Taxes On New Construction Homes

When considering what beautiful town or city you want to build your forever home in, it is important to consider the difference in property taxes based on the county the said home will be built in. According to a study conducted by Smart Asset, counties such as Boulder and Broomfield have the highest median annual property tax while Baca and Bent have the lowest. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing your prospective county, so be sure to weigh each one according to what means most to you and your future goals.

Homeowners Insurance

Insuring your home is another large expense that needs to be accounted for when searching for land to build a custom home in Colorado. Depending on the type of home and the city limits that the site falls in, the homeowners insurance can vary significantly across the Rocky Mountain state. In many areas of Colorado, communities experience bouts of inclement weather such as heavy snow, hail, avalanches, floods, and fires. Often, homeowners insurance providers consider these areas high risk and will charge a premium in order to provide insurance for the home. In addition to risky weather aversions, insurance providers may charge a higher premium for cities in Colorado with high levels of risks such as burglary and theft. While homeowners insurance is just one of many factors to take into consideration when buying land in Colorado, it is often a good representation of what type of unique risks are associated in various areas.

Terrain Accessibility

If your dream lifestyle includes a beautiful custom home in Steamboat Springs with a short commute to the slopes, or if the forever home you envision is a secluded ranch style home that features a dusty dirt path leading to a breathtaking plot of land, then it is important to consider the terrain restrictions and seasonal accessibility issues in the area. A custom home in a secluded area of Colorado will most likely only be accessible by unpaved roads that will require an appropriately equipped vehicle to maneuver the terrain throughout each of Colorado’s four distinct seasons. Areas like these often see a significant amount of snowfall during the long winter months that are difficult for plows to access, so stretches of roads are often deemed unsafe for travel and close for long periods of time.

An additional factor to consider when mapping out your custom home in the gorgeous Centennial State is the potential commute to work, school, and leisure activities. We suggest developing a list of locations that you frequently visit as well as an optimal drive time in order to get a full picture of how your lifestyle will fit when determining where to buy land to build a home in Colorado. This will allow you to understand what areas you will be able to commute from.

Colorado Water Laws

Colorado has a rich history of inhabitants dating back before the Gold Rush. As a result of the steadily increasing population and a result of the high volume of water that comes from the state’s snowmelt, Colorado has a wide range of water laws. Colorado water laws are centered around four main goals for maintaining Colorado’s water.

  1. Environmental Protection
  2. Recreational Use
  3. Municipal Use
  4. Water Storage

When buying land, it is helpful to understand the types of water rights you may inherit when buying a specific plot of land in Colorado. These rights may give you access to a particular water source or they may prohibit certain actions that may contaminate water on or near your property.

Colorado Zoning Laws

In Colorado, there are many cities that have specific zoning laws that prohibit a long list of building additions or improvements. An example of this could be a zoning ordinance in Colorado Springs specifying the maximum height of a privacy fence, or the maximum square footage allowed when building an additional garage. These are just a few of the ways that zoning laws could impact your decision about where to buy land in Colorado. It is crucial that you and the custom home builder you partner with are well-informed and prepared for the prospective city’s zoning laws before purchasing and breaking ground on a site to build your new home.

Colorado Easements

Colorado is filled with large highways and roads that stretch from Kansas to Utah, Wyoming to New Mexico,  and connect every gorgeous community in between. This presents a rather unique issue for homeowners or landowners whose properties touch these types of roads. Often, the State of Colorado will have a specified easement mapped on the property. The technical definition of an easement is a right to cross or otherwise use someone else’s land for a specified purpose. If you are looking to build a custom home in Colorado which has an easement on a property located off Highway 24 which runs through Woodland Park. The State of Colorado could reserve the right to buy that land at fair market value for the purpose of expanding the highway.  An additional example of an easement could be a generous landowner in the rural areas of Buena Vista Colorado allowing a group of people to utilize his land for a specific reason perhaps a charity event or an escape route in the event of a wildfire. The details would need to be solidified utilizing a chapter 3 – Easements and License agreements by the State of Colorado.

Buying The Perfect Plot of Land For Your Custom Home | Craftsman Homes & Interiors

At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, we are proud to connect prospective custom homeowners with their forever home in their dream community. Finding a site to build a custom home in Colorado can be difficult, which is why we are dedicating to building quality homes across Colorado in order to suit as many needs and fulfill as many dreams as possible all while saving you money in the long run. With over three decades of experience building quality homes and preparing land across Colorado, we are able to provide a unique perspective when purchasing land in Colorado. Our team of general contractors and custom home builders at Craftsman Homes & Interiors is dedicated to your satisfaction when building you a forever home. If you are ready to connect with our team of professionals, then give us a call today or browse through our portfolio for custom home inspiration.

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