Build Or Buy A House?

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As one of the biggest investments you are likely to make in your lifetime, the decision to build or buy a home is one that can feel like a heavy load to burden. At Craftsman Homes & Interiors in Colorado Springs, we have had the honor of lessening this burden for dozens of our neighbors. While we are passionate about crafting premium custom homes, our deeper desire is to further education about the advantages, and disadvantages, of building versus buying a home.

Building A Home

While the custom home building process can feel daunting, the dreams it stirs up are much better. There are a lot of factors outside of finances that need to be taken into account in order to reap the benefits of the lifestyle you can curate in a custom home.

Advantages of Building A House

  • Customize your layout to current and future needs
  • Choose your ideal location
  • Be the first to occupy the fresh space
  • Delay the need for repairs
  • Build the home to fit your lifestyle 
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Less competition 
  • Knowledge about the materials utilized during construction
  • Lower maintenance costs

Disadvantages of Building A House

  • Lack of ability to move-in right away
  • Little room for price negotiation
  • Post-move in costs including landscaping and interior details
  • Time consuming

Buying A House

Conversely, there are various advantages and disadvantages that need to be factored when determining whether buying a house is the best choice for your family both now and further down the road. Buying a pre-existing home tends to lean toward advantages when it comes to finances and timeliness. Ultimately, buying an existing home presents a new and unique set of challenges and advantages.

Advantages of Buying A House

  • Ability to negotiate on price and finance options
  • Option to move-in quickly
  • Established landscaping
  • Opportunities for upgrades 

Disadvantages of Buying A House

  • Inability to customize the home
  • Maintenance issues 
  • Less efficient 
  • Possibility of outgrowing the home
  • The home may be outdated
  • Hidden repairs may arise

Should I Buy Or Build A House In Colorado? | Connect With Craftsman Homes & Interiors.

With an incredibly competitive market for both pre-existing real estate and available land, it is easy to get overwhelmed when making a purchasing or building decision in the Mile High state. With such a competitive market, it may be best for those with a strong desire to find the perfect home to make the choice to connect with a custom home builder in southern Colorado. Conversely, if you are in the real estate market and pressed for financial resources or time then it may be best to look into buying a pre-existing home.

At Craftsman Homes and Interiors in Colorado Springs, we are passionate about utilizing our experience fused with our Colorado pride to help others build custom homes that are designed with both you and the views in mind. If the ability to future-proof your home while investing in an energy-efficient option stands out to you, then connect with our team to begin your journey to a custom home today.

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