Elevate Your Home With These 7 Unique Garage Conversion Ideas

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With summer here, the weather is just right to begin those home projects you’ve been thinking about. At Craftsman Homes & Interiors, we want to help every homeowner make their house a home by crafting something special that fulfills your needs. Our team of expert home builders crafts custom houses in the Colorado Springs area to make your dream homes a reality. 

Garages are usually used to contain the basics like vehicles and storage. What if you don’t use your garage for the basics, or you just merely want an extra space to use in your house? A garage can be converted into one of the best rooms in your house if you take the time to update the space. Now, if all you need is that inspirational nudge, Craftsman Homes & Interiors has some garage conversion ideas that will completely transform your space.

Creating the plans for a new home addition is such an exciting time. A garage conversion helps you transform a place that you don’t really think about into a space you’ve always wanted in your home. If you’ve been looking for some inspiration, you’re in luck. Here are some unique ideas you can use for your newest home project.

1. Guest House

Ever needed extra space for surprise visitors or impromptu sleepovers? By turning your garage into your guest house, you have the perfect place to give your guests privacy and a good night’s sleep. No more blow-up mattresses on the living room floor for your guests! Now, they have their own space to properly relax, and you don’t have a mattress to deflate in the morning.

2. Lounge with a Bar

Have you ever wanted to play a game of poker with a couple of friends, but your kitchen island and barstools aren’t cutting it? Well, if you love to entertain, turning your garage into a lounge with a bar is the perfect space for family and friends. Catch up on those bartending skills and craft the bar of your dreams!

3. Man Cave

Instead of using the normal spaces for a man cave, such as a basement, switch things up and put that garage to use. The garage can become the perfect man cave for entertainment and relaxation. Give the men in your life a one-of-a-kind space to watch football games and play darts with their friends.

4. Home Gym

Turning your garage into your dream home gym means you never have to leave home again to fit in a good workout. If public gyms have never been your thing, this provides you the opportunity to work out in the comfort of your home and reach the fitness goals you’ve been working towards.

5. Home Office

Working from home has become a huge necessity during the past year, but it can be difficult to convert a used space into a home office. Using your garage can be a great alternative to putting a desk in your living room or bedroom. A designated home office allows you to have the space you require to do your work and focus on your professional commitments. Gone are the days of makeshift computer stands made out of magazines and old books! Now, you can have the home office you deserve.

6. Home Theater

Have you always wanted a home theater, but thought that you never had the space for one? Your garage can be used as a great replacement to set up your dream home theater without sacrificing any current rooms. It’s your perfect excuse to buy that popcorn maker you’ve always wanted or an at-home concessions stand for extra fun!

7. Living Space

Do you just want some extra space in your home? Whether it’s an extra living room or bedroom, by converting your garage to a living space, you can add the perfect amount of space to help you get the extra square footage you’ve been looking for.

Garage Conversion Costs

Are you ready to update your garage space, but are uncertain because of the costs? Let’s get you a quick estimation to help you decide! Whenever it comes to garage conversion costs, homeowners pay an average of $15,000. Of course, quotes can vary based on the size of your garage conversion. Usually, a garage conversion is fairly affordable compared to other home addition projects.

Garage Conversion Timeline

Now that you have the costs covered, are you curious about the amount of time it takes to complete a garage conversion? For a quality garage conversion, you’re looking at approximately four to six weeks. This timeline includes leveling the floors, insulation, installing heating and cooling systems and wiring all of the electrical. It takes time to convert a garage into the home addition you’ve always dreamed of.

Expertly-Crafted Garage Conversions | Craftsman Homes & Interiors

If you’ve been looking at garage conversion photos and are tempted to remodel your own, let Craftsman Homes & Interiors help. Our dedicated team of custom home builders has more than 30 years of experience to help you craft the garage conversion of your dreams. If you want to learn more about us or see some of our work, contact us today!

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